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  • Seek and find the best talent in the sectors of trading, shipping and trade finance.
  • Present candidates in a unique way, going beyond preconceived ideas and ‘standard’ CVs.
  • Develop staff skills internally.
  • Harmonise human resources management, company-wide.
  • Offer careers, not ‘jobs’.
  • Bring true added value.
  • Provide opportunities for meetings and exchange on a range of topics via forums, conferences, business breakfasts and evening events.
  • Open up new business avenues in order to better support you.
  • Build a relationship of trust over the long-term.
  • Permanently question the way we do things, in our quest for continuous improvement.
  • Define ourselves as a platform for talent.
  • Now and in the future.
  • At home and abroad.


The Talent Hub

These are our ambitions and what we strive for on a daily basis. This way of working is already part of our heritage and represents our ‘trademark’. It is an approach that has been considered at length and which has been conceived with you in mind. It highlights our differences, and is how we cater to your preferences.

At Ampersand World, you are never just another ‘client’.
You are a unique partner.

Understand you

At Ampersand World, we have a fixed set of objectives for each mandate designed to help serve clients in an optimum manner. Specifically, we strive to have a good grasp of the specific challenges of the world of trading. We endeavour to have a comprehensive understanding of the full spectrum of trading jobs and we aim to anticipate and tackle challenges appropriately and skilfully.

In order to precisely meet the needs of our clients and successfully execute our research, we implement a number of logical, proven steps. We begin by considering all of a client’s practical needs before applying rigorous analysis on a case-by-case basis. We then leverage our deep expertise, add a dash of intuition and draw upon our powerful network.

Just as we value the enormous potential of a company’s human resources, we believe that certain qualities are critical to the success of our partnerships: expertise and skill, being able to listen and provide regular follow ups – these help to instil a client relationship that is as dynamic as it is long-lasting.

Support you

To best serve your ambitions and harmonise the management of your human capital, Ampersand World supports its clients on several different levels. We first identify the position(s) to fill before developing an appropriate and personalised recruitment programme. We then assign a dedicated Talent Manager to each project, propose a targeted selection of suitable candidates and provide support before, during and after the mandate.

Just as high-level athletes are expertly coached to reach their maximum potential, Ampersand World sets very ambitious objectives for our individual candidates. Once an individual has found their dream job - regardless of position or level - we never leave them to their own devices; on the contrary, we continue to support them with comprehensive, ongoing follow-ups.

Satisfy you

The desire to satisfy our customers is what motivates us – this is the raw material with which we work; it gives us energy, it is our raison d’être. This is why we aim to adopt a different approach for each request, why we seek to develop innovative services that meet each HR problem, and why we continue to permanently adapt our offer to suit the needs of our clients.

At Ampersand World, creating a lasting client relationship requires commitment and trust. The success of Ampersand World owes as much to our ethics as to our expertise.